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Thread: Beginning of Casino expansion outside of Atlantic City in N.J.!

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    Beginning of Casino expansion outside of Atlantic City in N.J.!

    Assembly moved a bill yesterday to allow N.J voters to vote on a referendum in November to allow 2 new casinos in North N.J. 1 of the 2 would be an operator that is not currently in Atlantic City. The Meadowlands Casino plan (Giant Stadium) is the big winner in this and the New York City market which is currently untapped...

    "New Jersey's constitution currently allows casino gambling only in Atlantic City, which has seen four casinos close and thousands of jibs lost over the last two years — largely thanks to increasing competition from other states. The resolution unveiled Friday b Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) would ask voters to approve casinos in two separate counties and at least 75 miles from Atlantic City. The Assembly plan introduced Monday includes the same number and stipulations."

    If it gets to a vote N.J. will pass this easily next November. Mainly because New Jersey is very pro gambling and most of its major population density in North N.J. as opposed to South Jersey. They would also service the massively untapped New York City market currently ($$$). People would love to hop over to the meadowlands and do some gambling as opposed to having to haul all the way down to Atlantic City. it would also serve the New York City market which would be a HUGE revenue engine immediately a very big deal.

    Lots can happen revisions etc between then and now but this is the beginning of the move to Casinos in north New Jersey/New York City.

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    I listened to your segment on the December radio about this topic. New Jersey government is likely considering this because the Pennsylvania casinos have taken a huge chunk out of AC's business (about 25-30%). And there are two PA casinos closer to NYC than AC.

    Sands Bethlehem
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    P.S. Folks in that area say "North" and "South" Jersey, not "northern" or "southern" New Jersey.
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