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Thread: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Atlantic City Seven Stars Edition

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    'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Atlantic City Seven Stars Edition

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all throughout Caesars
    Not a gambler was gambling, not even the geezers.

    The dealers all stood by their tables with care
    Knowing Seven Stars players soon would be there.

    The bean counters were nestled all snug in their cubicles
    With visions of profits that seemed quite delusional.

    Cash counters were oiled and cages were ready
    The money would soon be flowing in steady.

    When out in the garage there arose such a clatter
    They looked out their window to see what was the matter.

    The Seven Stars lot was filling with cars
    But the players weren’t headed to Caesars slots

    They walked past the lobby and through the casino
    Without playing blackjack or poker or keno.

    They all kept on walking, these Seven Stars masses
    Shouting “we’re voting with our wallets, our feet and our asses”.

    To the Boardwalk they headed for a whiff of salt air
    And to find a casino that might actually care.

    A casino where loyalty actually matters
    Where the paint isn’t peeling and the carpet’s in tatters.

    On Resorts, Tropicana – hell, even Trump,
    It was time to move on from this faux Roman dump.

    “We’re going to find,” the angry crowd chanted,
    “A place where our play isn’t taken for granted.”

    *Courtesy of Seven Stars Insider

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    I'm going to be in that area next month. I'm considering booking a primo beach condo in AC for peanuts but commuting to Philly & Delaware to gamble.

    That's how fucked AC is these days.

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    Thats good. AC is such a disaster. The only place that's really worth playing at anymore is the Borgata and a lot of people say the Trop too. Although I've never been to the Tropicana.

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