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Thread: Garrett Heads up DFS NFL on either FD or DK $50-$100???

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    Garrett Heads up DFS NFL on either FD or DK $50-$100???

    Let's play, however many games you want to run it $50-$100. Give me your name on FD if you prefer it over DK.

      garrett: You really are some of the worst this forum has, honestly.

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    When you tried challenging me back in APRIL talking all that junk and it was mid MLB/NBA/NHL/College Hoops (iirc), and you faded and told me to wait until NFL season (LOL really). I told you BACK THEN if you want to talk shit in APRIL, and then expect someone to wait until SEPTEMBER because all you are good at or can play is NFL, you weren't getting 1 game with me then. That was not a joke!

    Literally only a JOKE calls someone out in April mid NBA/MLB season etc, and then says oh but wait till NFL season to play me. I am a man of my word, and I meant every bit of what I Said when I Told you if you wanted to call someone out all the way back in April, and then act like all you can play is NFL I wouldn't give you any action, ever. I mean everything I said, you punked yourself by acting like a fool and a punk there, talking smack and then expecting someone to wait 4 months till September to play because all you are competitive at, is the biggest FISH sport in DFS.

    Literally NFL is donk stuff, you only play NFL and 50/50s, while trying to call someone out. You are a flake so let that be known. I meant every bit of what I said, when someone wants to call someone out in APril, then says ohhh wait until NFL season NO. When you wouldn't play MLB or NBA, I told you I wasn't going to give you any donkey (bc most are meh, decent and kinda know NFL esp in a 50/50 form donkey) you weren't ever going to get 1 game, ever for me. I mean what I say.

    Why you didnt think I meant that, reinstates to myself the belief you are an obscure little poker forum shit talking punk. I stand by that!
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    So yes? Come on bigshot, if I'm such a fish come get me. Willing to play however many games you want and I'll only use 2 lineups

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