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Thread: Druff & Friends w/Drexel - 08/20/2015 - All About That Buzz

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    Druff & Friends w/Drexel - 08/20/2015 - All About That Buzz

    Featuring special guest star Brandon "Drexel" Gerson. Format change of show mixes current events in with poker news. Brandon's condo gets trashed/stolen from by shady tenants, but Brandon's life has a silver lining recently with a new girfriend. Video on Sheldon Adelson claims to expose his hypocrisy. Ike Haxton scandal: Knew about Hastings multi-accounting, kept quiet, played with NoelHayes account. Kansas-area maniac poker player who seemingly gave away money turns out to be strongarm robber. Christian Lusardi, Borgata chip counterfeiter, pleads guilty. Wisconsin ruling again reveals ridiculousness of poker's "skill vs. luck" legal argument. We call Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe for a mostly incoherent conversation. Should Isai Scheinberg be in the poker HOF? SHRPO players angry when Hellmuth gets on mic, distracts final tables. Sentences handed out in "Macho Sports" gambling ring in California. Shady program "SpinWiz" allows seating collusion on Pokerstars. Jared busted for having sex with minors & possessing kiddie porn. AshleyMadison data released by hackers. Trump seems to be a serious threat to win the nomination, after all.

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