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Thread: Why cities aren't littered with dead pigeons

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    Why cities aren't littered with dead pigeons

    This is an excellent and interesting read. The videos are pretty cool also. Enjoy!

    Any fair-sized city in the United States is lousy with pigeons, hoovering up bread crumbs from public squares and head-bobbing so much they look like little Jay Zs groovin' to some fresh beats. The favorite rumpus room of the pigeon, New York City, is thought to contain anywhere between 1 and 7 million of the flapping rats of the sky.

    So where are all the dead ones?

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    Related story, Doves have moved into my area. Heavily treed, near the water and I want them dead. They don't shut up and their low pitched call carries. Been here ten years and never heard one before.
    There are owls nearby as well, so maybe they'll take care of them.

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