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Thread: DirecTV Really Pisses Me Off

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    DirecTV Really Pisses Me Off

    7 years years ago I decided to see if I could just buy the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV and not use the rest of their services, so I gave them a call to find out. The rep at the time told me I would have to sign up for a 2 year package, but could just freeze the account when the NFL season was over, and restart it again when the next season started. Sounded good to me, so I went ahead and had the dish installed, bought the boxes, etc.. My intention was to never get rid of cable, just have the DirecTV for the NFL. I set up a split for an easy switch over from cable to satellite whenever I wanted to watch football and boom, I was in NFL Heaven.

    Plan went exactly how I wanted it to go, until... Turns out the rep forgot to mention that I could only freeze the account for 6 months, which put me 3 months out from when the actual season started. On top of that you can only freeze your account 1 time in that 2 year span, and obv the 6 months frozen is looked at as not active time, so basically I was stuck paying for DirecTV at that point for 20 straight months. They refused to budge even though their rep told me I could freeze for the entire off season each year from that point forward. I ended up fighting them over it, and of course lost miserably. So, I cancelled the service, which came with a pretty hefty early cancellation fee, which I refused to pay until these fuckers sent it to collection, so I ended up tucking tail and paying that too. I was left with a dish and boxes that haven't been used since.

    Fast forward to today... I have been seeing some adds here and there that you can download a DirecTV app and stream the NFL Sunday Ticket to all of your devices. SWEET!!!!! or so I thought.

    I downloaded the app and wasn't able to get past the log in screen. There was nowhere to set up an account on the app either. I did some more digging and finally found a "create an account" screen, but lo and behold you have to have an actual active account with DirecTV already set up to set up an online account. FUCK!!!!!

    So, a little more digging needed to be done. I found the NFL Sunday Ticket app page online where they are advertising some awesome shit. Once again I am very psyched. Check this out...

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    $89.99 for 4 months and you can stream to all those devices without setting up an account??? YES!!!!! Sign me the fuck up! Exactly what I've been waiting for all these years.

    You would think DirecTV would allow people to just purchase the Sunday Ticket without signing up for their entire service. It makes a ton of sense, at least from my POV. There has to be a LOT of people out there who want the Sunday Ticket, but are happy with cable and will not make the switch, me included. I know they use the Sunday Ticket as an incentive to buy their entire service, but again, I think that most people wouldn't be willing to give up cable no matter how many "and I'm so and so Rob Lowe's, or Peyton Manning's" they put in front of you (truth be told, they are great commercials).

    Anyway, so yeah, finally the service I've been waiting for has been graciously bestowed upon us. Just one last hurdle. The "Check Eligibility" button...

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    Turns out you have to live either in a college dorm or in the middle of east Bumblefuck to be eligible for this awesome package.


    Back to RedZone on COX for me this season.

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    People like you are the reason USA! USA! USA! is going to lose our 2 times! 2 times! defending Olympic gold medal in rugby next year. I hope you can live with yourself!

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    I would be more upset with the NFL for signing exclusive deals with shitty service providers. Just as I was the last time I explored the option of buying Sunday Ticket.

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    It's lame but I get the business model of offering these packages to acquire new customers and then making them pay for it the next year.

    The problem is the deal is so good at the beginning and then cost way too much later on that a lot of people must be leaving DTV because of it.

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    there is a parks and rec marathon and this is how youre spending your evening?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonatine View Post

    there is a parks and rec marathon and this is how youre spending your evening?
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    So fucking owned.

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    Fuck Directv! I signed a 2 year agreement with these fucks then 2 months later I decide to move and they charge me $300 dollars to move my service down the street.

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