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    This Guy Fucks

    I love Steve Cyr stories. If you ever get the chance, check out "Whale Hunt in the Desert." Great book. This article about the Vegas "super host" is a little over-the-top (Cyr is a legend in his own mind and his stories seem to get more and more preposterous with each new interview), but it's an interesting read.

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      Sanlmar: fucking loved it

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    I probably have seen everyone of the Discovery/Travel Channels shows about Vegas whales, cheaters, comp whores, best restaurants, secrets, gaming tutorials, best bathrooms-clubs-pools etc etc. He was on several times and came off so phony. I know his job is to pamper to the whales and meets them right when they come off of their Jet, set them up with special request like high end wine, front row show tickets, and lines of credit. I hate how he pretends that hes great friends with them, when clearly its all about lining his pockets. It would piss me off having him watching over my shoulder as I'm playing Black Jack knowing that he really is rooting against me, but will high five you etc when you win just to keep the appearance. I remember watching one of the shows with my Mother years ago where he was driving down the strip in a Red Corvette I think and talking how much he makes etc and my mother said "look at this guy, fucking Mr. Grandiose" loool I was like 15 and didn't know what it meant then, but remember cracking up just how she said it.

    .....Just read article

    I'm shocked he changed his ways, he actually admits that he wants them to lose and be stuck before they even enter the casino lol I'm glad that hes not doing that phony act. It makes sense though after reading article, back then he earned money win or lose.

    Anyone who lives in Vegas got stories of him? Would love to hear druff bring this prick up on radio with some stories.

    Is the Book worth it?

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    Steve Cyr used to be a mega-host but not anymore.
    He was just another independent host for...

    Red Rock
    Norwegian Cruise Lines (are you fucking kidding me?)
    Mohegan Sun
    Hard Rock
    Golden Nugget
    Crystal Palace (Bahamas)
    Atlantis (Bahamas)

    Independent hosts are to be avoided, I knew someone who gave an independent host at the Hard Rock $10K for his party at Rehab, guess what? The host took the money and left. They got nothing no cabana, food or drink.

    Now Steve Cyr is Vice President of Player Development at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino (formerly Las Vegas Hilton)

    Who in their right mind would want to gamble or party at Westgate (the former Las Vegas Hilton)?

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