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Thread: I'm about to watch the old badass guy double feature

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    I'm about to watch the old badass guy double feature

    Gran Torino and it's English cousin Harry Brown. Just thought that I would let everybody know even though you probably don't care.

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    gonna watch the Mexican version before radio starts up tonight

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    I really enjoyed Gran Torino. I think it's because Clint Eastwood reminds me of my father, not so much in the movie but in real life. My dad is the furthest thing from a racist or bigot but he does get rather short with people and I think it's hilarious.

    One example is my dad is a huge animal lover and will constantly feed wild animals and the birds in his backyard. He was buying a huge bag of birdseed at wal-mart one time and the guy said "oh what kind of birds do you have" and my dad said "none, these are for the birds that come into my backyard" and the guy said "well that's dumb, why are you wasting money on them?" and my dad said "I don't consider it a waste and I can spend my money however I want, you just ring me up"

    Not really the harsh or gotcha comebacks that people have today but it was funny coming from my dad.

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