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Thread: Ebay Selling is like Gambling with a 99% House Advantage Against You

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    Ebay Selling is like Gambling with a 99% House Advantage Against You

    Ebay Selling is Just like Gambling with a major house advantage working against you....

    Selling ANYTHING on ebay is Very Very Risky for the Seller... But I have seen people selling GOLD on Ebay. I cannot Believe anyone would be crazy enough to sell GOLD on ebay..

    I see Sellers listing Gold Coins on eBay all the time for $1200+ I'm talking about 1 oz Gold Coins such as the American Eagle or Krugerrand!!

    I mean are you INSANE?? Anyone could Buy your Gold Coin claim they never got it, get a full refund. Take it to a Gold Store down the street and sell it for $1200 CASH.

    I mean if you WANT to sell your Gold Coin, why not drive down the street and SELL IT to a Store or Pawn Shop for the Full Face Value? Why Risk selling it online on Ebay of all places and Pay the High Selling Fees?? Not to mention RISK someone buying your Gold and saying they never got it and scamming you out of your coin...

    The problem with Ebay is that ANYONE can buy your item. You have No Control over WHO Buys your item on ebay.

    Someone can go to Ebay, start a brand new account. This only takes about 10 minutes.

    Now they find your item for sale, The click BUY IT NOW or Place a bid and win the auction.

    Now they pay with their credit card through PayPal. They don't even need to sign up for PayPal anymore, they can just enter their credit card info and PayPal will process the card payment.

    The Seller Now Ships the Gold Coin to the Buyer with Tracking, Signature, Insurance, whatever.

    The Item Travels to the Buyer and is Delivered by the Shipping Company, They buyer even Signs for the package.

    NOW... Once the Buyer Receives the Item, they simply go to Ebay, File an Item Significantly Not As Described complaint saying that the Item you sent them is NOT what they purchased OR They can even claim you sent them an EMPTY BOX with Nothing Inside but FILLER or Shipping Material for Weight.

    Once the Buyer Files this Dispute with Ebay, Then ebay will take about 3 days and will SIDE WITH THE BUYER 100% OF THE TIME... Ebay ALWAYS Sides with the BUYER in these SNAD Cases because of the 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee. Its' right there on ebay's website.

    The Buyer will be asked to RETURN the Item to the Seller with Tracking and Signature Required. If it's an Empty Box, then the buyer needs to ship that Empty Box back.

    The Buyer can simply ship a ROCK back to the SELLER with Tracking and Signature Required and as SOON as the tracking information shows the package was delivered back to the seller, the buyer receives a FULL REFUND...

    Now the buyer has the ITEM and 100% of their MONEY BACK...

    There is NO WAY POSSIBLE for an Ebay Seller to WIN one of these Significantly Not As Described cases.... End of story.

    Ebay is VERY RISKY for Sellers... Gambling Big Time.

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    99.9 % correct . I shipped a baseball that was claimed not as described . I won , but it took 2 weeks and about a dozen ebay representatives before i found someone who even knew how many outs in an inning . The appeals department is in the usa ... which is how i finally found a person who agreed with what was obviously someone abusing the returns process .

    Anything over $ 4-500 I video the packaging and hand off in the post office which the usps employees are not fond of ...( NO VIDEO IN POST OFFICE !! BS ) but whatever i have to protect myself . If i get a return , which almost never happens thankfully , I do the same ... video the opening of the box with the employee there just in case of the wrong item being shipped back .

    I'm pretty sure boxes are weighed at some point in the delivery process so I think shipping an empty box is hard to get away with .

    Ebay went to shit starting with not being able to leave feedback for buyers . They can do almost anything and get away with it .

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