This forum serves two purposes:

1) It will be the repository for tweets related to PokerFraudAlert players in the WSOP.

2) It will be a place for general WSOP discussion.

If you are playing in the WSOP, I encourage you to put a hashtag of #pfa[event number] in your tweets about the event. That will automatically post them to the appropriate thread here. For example, if you are playing in Event #13 ($1500 Limit Holdem), you would put #pfa13 anywhere in your tweets about that event. Within 10 minutes, your tweet will be posted here!

[event number] is always a 2-digit number. So if you are playing in WSOP Event #2, and you want your tweets to show up here, you would put #pfa02 in your tweet. Notice that it's 02 instead of just 2, because the number needs to be two digits.

Since a number of people on this board have bought pieces of me, I will be indicating in the first post of each "event" thread if I will be playing that event.

I will always put a hashtag in my tweets about the WSOP events I play, so all of my WSOP-related tweets will show up in this forum.

Feel free to post regular messages in the threads containing the tweets. Remember, the players tweeting will be reading them (myself included!)

This is a "serious" forum, so please do not troll, insult, or post junk messages here. Anyone abusing this forum will be thrown out of it, and possibly banned.

I will be creating topics for each of the WSOP events. Since there are something like 60 events, I won't be doing it all in one day, but they will all eventually show up here before they take place. If they remain blank, I will remove them after the events are complete.

Let me know if you have any questions.