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Thread: Druff & Friends W/Special Guest Star Drexel - 06/06/2015 - You've Got a Friend in Nate

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    Druff & Friends W/Special Guest Star Drexel - 06/06/2015 - You've Got a Friend in Nate

    Brandon "Drexel" Gerson guest-co-hosts during the last 2/3 of the show. Druff tells of his recent experience with credit card fraud, and attempts to prank call the perpetrator. Eskimo Clark has died. We discuss the mysterious firing of popular WSOP floorman/TD Chris Spears. PFA forum members continue to airball 2015 WSOP. Are dealers planning mass walkout from WSOP due to poor pay? "DealerNate" appears on Full Contact Poker, claims he wants charity tournament for Micon. Poker player named Michael Foundation attempts to get WSOP stakes with laughable/illegal terms. site oddly promoted by Ivey, Jamie Gold wants stakes. Viejas Casino in California runs anti-Pokerstars ad on radio. Dan Fleyshman does video interview, and we analyze his claims. Paul Phua's criminal case dismissed over lack of search warrant. Court rules Cheung Yi Sun "The Queen of Sorts", and Ivey's edge-sorting partner, cannot sue Foxwoods in federal court over $2.7 million chip forfeiture. A mysterious Pittsburgh-area callers has harsh words for Anonamoose.

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