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    Alpha have you ever met Druff? No, I haven't.

    No, I haven't.
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    Thread went great for jsearles. I like...

    Thanks Druff. I figured that you could appreciate standing up for the principle, even if it was only a few dollars. I'm a podcast listener, so I'm usually a show or two behind. Glad that any info...
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    Is there some beef between you and Jsearls? Or...

    No beef. I've never even interacted with him.
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    I think it’s fairly obvious from your reply that...

    LOL. I would have been on American Greed, but their offer to buy my story did not include a free 1 month subscription to Disney+.
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    I have sold on eBay since 2005, yes it has...

    I agree. Gone are the glory days. Yes, I could have structured each actions with a $3 starting bid price and free shipping rather than $1 plus $2 shipping, but in either case the buyer is still...
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    Thanks for pointing me to this, Hockey Guy. ...

    Thanks for pointing me to this, Hockey Guy.

    The controversy was several years ago and based upon old fee structures used by eBay. Unlike today, way back then eBay charged sellers a “posting fee”...
  7. Buy yourself an infrared thermometer and take the...

    I assume that since the Sensi-Temp is reading the pan temperature, and that the coils themselves must exceed 450°F. All immaterial. The point is that this new UL regulation changes the way...
  8. Lucky Dragon casino to reopen as Ahern

  9. 46603

  10. 2018 UL regulation cripples electric ranges

    This is a long post, but if you're in the market for a new electric range, or may be in the future, have a look at this. Just another example of a nanny state.


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    Rounder Life Alive and Well

    Rounder Life is still active in the Panama City Beach, FL, area. You'll find several Rounder Life sponsored tournaments and video advertisements posted on the Ebro Greyhound Park card room Facebook...
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    DrawingDead - It's a freeroll, so worth it. I'm...

    DrawingDead - It's a freeroll, so worth it. I'm not a BJ player and won one a while back for $15,000+. It plays more like a poker tournament, so everyday BJ players are -EV. See my old forum post...
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    7 Days to Vegas by Vince Van Patten

    I listened to the Poker Stories interview with Vince Van Patten. He tells some interesting stories during his professional tennis days, playing poker in Gardenia,...
  14. P.S. I'm also perplexed by the added note that...

    P.S. I'm also perplexed by the added note that "Kicker Can Not Be On The Board". Since there is no kicker with full houses or straight flushes, this must refer to quads. Both cards must play, so...
  15. Druff, Like most U.S. poker rooms, I would...


    Like most U.S. poker rooms, I would assume that the drop is separate from the rake with the drop being used to fund player promotions and the rake being kept by the poker room. The bad...
  16. The Poker Place in Canada Takes Automatic 5% Dealer Tip from BBJ

    I've never seen this before -- a card room automatically taking 5% from the bad beat jackpot to play the dealers. The Dealer's share is more that the Table share if there are 8 or more players. LOL...
  17. Buying WSOP POY titles not only degrades the...

    Buying WSOP POY titles not only degrades the brand to the recreational players, but denies them any shot at the title when pros with deep pockets can simply buy it.
  18. Regulators seek to ban Wynn from casino industry

    Regulators seek to ban Wynn...
  19. Nice job with the Dwight voice -- glad I...

    Nice job with the Dwight voice -- glad I suggested it. :-)

    Mike Postle of California puts on a strong performance at the year-end Ante Up NorCal Classic at Thunder Valley Casino Resort to capture our...
  21. Yes. The various genealogy sites should...

    Yes. The various genealogy sites should cooperate with law enforcement. It just saves time since all of this information is available to the relatives anyway.

    Today, in fact, my...
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    At least they have some of the better looking...

    At least they have some of the better looking chips out there. :-)

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    Sahara Properties

    On the recent radio show Druff was discussing the SLS being rebranded back to the previous property name of the Sahara. There were also Sahara properties in Reno and Lake Tahoe.

    Here are a few...
  24. Malaysian Genting Group Saves Resorts World, NY

    Upstate New York Casino Sold To Genting Group
    Malaysian Gaming Company Saves Resorts World Catskills From Bankruptcy By Buying Remaining Shares 15 Percent Above Market Value
    by Steve Schult |...
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    Dallas Cowboys Casino In Arkansas?

    Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Gets Endorsement For $225 Million Casino In Arkansas
    Jones' Hospitality Company Becomes Front Runner For Final Arkansas Gaming License, Amid Controversy
    by Steve...
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