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  1. Article here: ...

    Article here:
  2. Found out who this guy was. Don't know his name...

    Found out who this guy was. Don't know his name and I am sure someone can dig it up. The guy was the owner of Ebay in Korea.
  3. Obviously watching training videos by itself...

    I will give her credit for making a real effort to become a winning poker player. I will also give her credit for having a good time and not giving a flying fuck what people think about her.
  4. I actually thought the pornhub thing was old news...

    Might be, I will admit I don't keep on top of all the posts.
  5. The thing that might surprise you the most is...

    She has only 1 video on her YouTube channel where she gives a 20 min breakdown of 1 hand she played and made an all in river bluff. She did have some good explanation of the play and ranges etc etc....
  6. I knew Postflop Malone would end up on Pornhub..and I was right.

    A few shows ago Drexal mentioned he met up with Postflop Malone. I was curious and decided to check her out.

    First I found her Instagram

    She had some...
  7. Just a small update. here is what my friend...

    Just a small update. here is what my friend said:

    "The total this guy gambled last month was 40 million dollars at Bellagio, Caesars, and cosmopolitan all together."

    "I wish I can say who he...
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    Emailed them a note, emphasizing my account had...

    Emailed them a note, emphasizing my account had been in good standing for almost 2 decades with no issues. Will report back if they give me an answer.[/QUOTE]

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    I hereby challenge TODD to get his account...

    I hereby challenge TODD to get his account reopened.
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    Same thing happened to me a month ago. 18...

    It really sucks, I know the feeling. That info you are getting if from the help desk clowns. Email the guy I did. Might help.
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    Matt, while I applaud you for your tenacity which...

    It can't hurt to email the same email I used and tell them what your son did. Tell them you have been a long time good customer etc etc etc. You have nothing to lose.
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    This account lasted a long time, but it was...

    I had a PayPal account for 15 years and everything was good, I used it lots. I even had the debit card but that is no longer available in Canada. 2 years ago I received a $4k transfer to my account...
  13. I will try and find out. This is what my...

    This is what my friend told me:

    I have no idea who he is yet. I only know that on august 6th, he borrowed 1.5 and then bailed on the casino. I only know his CPA who is a very close friend of mine...
  14. Happens every week. Not for 1.5 Milly

    Not for 1.5 Milly
  15. I will try and find out.

    I will try and find out.
  16. My PFA Scoop! Guy writes a bad check to Cosmo for 1.5 million!

    I am friends with a guy that owns a bail bonds company in California. He told me today that a guy wrote a bad check to the Cosmo for 1.5 million. They got him at the airport in Vegas today. He...
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    Poker Stars Lasers did their job.

  18. TRUMP did not know he had a hot mic. This is CRAZY!

    Twitter post:
  19. Looks like they got some guy stoned out of his...

    Looks like they got some guy stoned out of his mind, and told him to draw a couple of circles.[/QUOTE]

  20. Poker player who exposed himself during WSOP given probation

    Story here:
  21. I highly doubt the Borgata even broke even on...

    I have seen on Facebook random people guessing Ivey paid back about half. They both wanted to stop the legal fees from wiping out the profits.
  22. Phil Ivey Reportedly Settles With Borgata, Ending 6-Year Legal War

    Article here:
  23. Not sure if this has been posted in the forums...

    Not sure if this has been posted in the forums yet. I did a quick search and could not find it. Full article here from June 3rd 2020.

    New details:
  24. Postle case dismissed That is Horse Shit!

    That is Horse Shit!
  25. Jungle's statement: So Jungleman is...


    So Jungleman is hinting that he was playing on the Sina account but never outright said it. What a douche no balls move. Just fucking outright admit it!
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