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    Move to London, where to play?

    I just moved to London for the next 6 months. I'm a recreational player who prefers limit games, but will play anything at low to mid stakes. I am also thinking of playing online now that I am...
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    Here is an interesting calculator that someone...

    The calculator now reads JSON data to seed it. You can submit a pull request on github and I'll adjust accordingly.

    (You have to sign...
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    Blue: 0.67% * 8 = 5.33% Green: 0.40% * 3 = 1.20%...

    I do not believe your math is correct. Let's take a heads-up event with only 2 players. Player A has a 50% chance of winning the event. Player A plays two of these events. He does not have a 50%...
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    Fantasy League help

    I'm joining a WSOP 2014 fantasy league. Anyone have any tips on who is playing a full schedule, particularly those who will play many of the big buy in smaller field events? Anyone I should be...
  5. Sticky: Just want to say thank you to Todd for selling...

    Just want to say thank you to Todd for selling these shares. I was only able to be at the WSOP for one weekend and play one event so having this additional sweat is making my summer win or lose...
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    just go the day before at night or take a trip...

    Thanks, I hope to do this. If I can't because of other obligations I was hoping the morning would be pretty empty.
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    When to register?

    I'm coming into town to waste $1k and play event #30, Sunday June 16. When's the best time to register in terms of lines? If I come in the morning (like 10am) for a 12pm tournament, will that be...
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies. All good...

    Thanks everyone for the replies. All good advice. I agree that the money could be "better" spent on family and that poker tournaments are actually not that fun, but I'm not choosing to do this...
  9. Yeah, this is sort of my fear. I knew this would...

    Yeah, this is sort of my fear. I knew this would be the case for the $5k omaha, but was hoping the 1500 might have a lot of NL players just dropping a buy-in after busting another tournament and...
  10. cruel, but (probably accurate) point taken.

    cruel, but (probably accurate) point taken.
  11. Advice for PFA lurker playing WSOP Event 20

    Hi everyone,

    I am a long time listener to radio (from the previous site and this one, going back several years). I have listened to every single episode in the arCHives and never live. I have...
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