NoFraud Online Poker

Welcome to NoFraud Online Poker -- a poker room that will never cheat you, because there's no way to lose money!


This requires a separate account. Do NOT attempt to log in with your regular PokerFraudAlert forum account!


You can get this separate account once you get there. Don't worry about the e-mail address, as we won't be forcing you to validate your e-mail again. You can put whatever you want there.


Once you register an account, you won't have any chips yet. Don't fret. The main usage for this poker room is to play radio freerolls, which don't require any chips! If you wish to schedule a "for fun" match against another user, please send a private message to Dan Druff, and he'll load you up with chips.


If you're here for the freeroll, be sure you check out the rules before playing.


If you lose the lobby or something else goes wrong, just come back here, or hit reload on your browser, and everything should fix itself.


*** IMPORTANT *** Please make sure to choose a different password on NoFraud Online Poker than you use on this site. This is for privacy reasons, since NoFraud Online Poker is run by a third party.


Okay, you ready?



Click here to start playing some poker!