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    by Published on 03-03-2012 02:55 AM

    Welcome to PokerFraudAlert!

    Why did I start this site? Because I love the game of poker. And because I hate what the scumbags and criminals are doing to it.

    Prior to the "boom" of 2003, the poker community was small and close-knit. Cheating was localized to a few people engaging in collusion or other small-time scams. Times have changed. Poker has become big business, and the massive amount of money involved has attracted many bottom-feeders of our society.

    Fortunately, we have the internet as the people's weapon to shine the light upon those engaging in theft from our community. Unfortunately, up until now, there was no single, organized place to list and discuss these scandals. While the 2+2 forums have a large following and have been instrumental in breaking open various scandals, they are far from ideal. Accusations against their sponsors have often been censored. Even when discussion has been fully allowed, the site is so huge that it's hard to find these scam warning threads, and most people never see them.

    PokerFraudAlert seeks to be the one-stop place on the web to learn all about the shady companies, individuals, and situations in poker. We can't do this alone. We will need your help to be the eyes and ears of our community, and to report whatever you see on our forum. We will never censor your claims, even if they're against one of our sponsors. In addition to providing you an open forum report fraud within the poker community, we will also analyze your claims with a clear head an unbiased point of view. And, of course, the accused will always have the floor to defend themselves.

    We've been open since March, 2012, and the site is thriving! Check out our forum, and don't miss our weekly radio show! Join the community and tell us what's on your mind!

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