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Bitter SWEET

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Last weeks blog was all about running hot, this weeks is blog is similar but has a different tune. Overconfidence was my number one problem this week. Without a doubt I had some wicked bad beats (nothing new) but I seen myself constantly putting money in the pot in situations where airing to the side of caution was the optimal play. Lack of patience was my second problem, this week I found myself a couple times with a favorable chip stack only to give it up by getting myself in trouble by playing too many hands. Overall I was not happy with my play this week, I lost focus and played like an idiot and it surely cost me money.

The week started off with a 7th place finish. I held a slight chip lead with 8 remaining but I got stuck playing 3 handed with a hyper-aggressive player that kept shoving all-in on every hand. He shoved in my big blind and I called with A-10 he showed K-7 flopped a King and took half my stack. A player was eliminated at the other table but the hyper player didnít quit or skip a beat he kept raising and raising. Finally I got fed up and called the rest of my stack with K-7 when he shoved on my big blind. He showed A-8 and flopped an Ace. I should of waited for a better spot but my I got impatient and tried to make something happen when nothing was there.

Tuesday I played a couple tournaments during the day and had no luck till night time I seemed to pick up steam. I entered a 66sng 6-Max Freeroll and totally ran over the field, I even had connection problems at the final table and got blinded down. My connection returned 3 handed and despite having a severe chip a disadvantage Iíve battled back and won the tournament!!! I played a perfect tournament up to getting timed out and I got really lucky to win it after blinding down. This was totally my high point of the week and I love how my relentless aggressiveness constantly puts me position to win.

I believe winning in that fashion set the tone for the next few days and put me in a zone of overconfidence. I played 7-9 tournaments and didnít cash in any and to make matters worse I ran extremely bad and lost 3.2 tournament buy-ins playing low limit BTC cash games. Wednesday thur Saturday I played some of the worse tournament and cash game poker Iíve played in a while, I really let myself down. I need to clean this up if I ever have plans of becoming a professional poker player.

Sunday was actually a great day, It started off with a 7th place finish where I lost most of my chips on a cooler with 10-6 on a 10-6-2 flop when my opponent showed 6-6 (It happens). Then I got a 4th place finish where I played ok but I just went card dead at the end and then I finished the day up with an other 7th place finish. Overall I had a decent week I played 15-17 tournaments cashed in 5 and increased my bankroll by 8 bringing it to 64 tournament buy-ins!

This week was bitter sweet, I finally got even online but lapses in judgement made a week of celebration into one where I had to have a great Sunday in order to make up for my bad play. Itís a learning process.

Good luck out there.
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