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Running HOT

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I’m having a great week playing tournaments, I’m so close to getting even online I can taste it. Playing my aggressive, raise with anything in position style has proven to be much more valuable than my prior tight ABC approach. I can’t picture myself ever getting away from this style. Raise after, raise makes your opponents easy to manipulate and easier to read. At the same time it’s easier for them to play back at you so at times I use “controlled aggression” and it shows with my multiple cashes this week.

The week started off nice with a 2nd place finish out of 66 players, I held the chip lead when heads up play started and despite having my opponent all in twice with the lead I just couldn’t pull it out. I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome I played my best and I understand sometimes it’s just not in the cards. Tuesday I entered my first Poker Fraud Alert Freeroll that runs simultaneously with there podcast and had a nice little run. I played some great poker and got some good cards but sadly at the final table I received a bad beat when my Q-Q lost to J-J and I ended up with a 4th place finish. I really enjoyed playing on there site and I received a speedy cash out so for sure you’ll see me playing on there more often.

Wednesday I got to the final table 4/6*in chips out of 66 players and got 4th after my A-K got out flopped by A-J when all the money went in pre-flop. Thursday I played two tournaments and I didn’t cash in any, Friday I took the whole day off and went out for drinks*with friends and relaxed after a busy week. Saturday a grinded all day and had two cashes both 7th places finishes (I could of done better) out off 66 runners and I also had a few winning cash game sessions. Sunday I’m not even going to lie my heart wasn’t in it and I kind of threw away 3 tournaments by playing hands out of position and repeatedly gambling with calling stations. Old habits die hard.

Overall though I had one of my most profitable weeks grinding at the low levels. I played 13 tournaments, cashed in 5, and also turned a profit grinding at the cash game tables. I won 20 buy-ins this week bringing my bankroll to 56 tournament buy-ins, 4 more to go and I’ll finally be even!!!

Good luck out there and hopefully you run HOT