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Monkey cash

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Analysis of my poker playing skill through my Poker Manager app has shown me my cash game win rate is significant lower than my tournament win rate so naturally Ive kept a distance from cash games. Lately Ive been running bad in tournaments, something like the 0-15 in 12 days so I decided to try something different. My bread and butter are low stake tournaments but with running and playing so bad Ive been strictly playing freerolls, bad thing is they run every two hours. Ive been trying my hardest to play my way out of this funk but waiting two hours to play with my busy schedule is very hard to do.

Sunday though Thursday I only played 3 or 4 tournaments and I had zero cashes. Running and playing bad these past few days and work caused me to decrease my time at the tables this week, but all for the best getting away sometimes helps you get youre mind right especially after a prolonged losing streak. So Friday I came home after work, cracked a beer and got to it. I played 2 tournaments and was quickly eliminated from the first but the in second one I accumulated a vast amount of chips early and became chipleader halfways through. I played my aggressive raise with anything game till we hit the bubble then I started thinking about how I hadnt cashed in almost two weeks and I tightened up. The players around me got more aggressive and pretty much I got short and shoved with K-Q and got called and eliminated with A-A. I cost myself the victory by getting nervous on the bubble but I needed to secure a cash and I did that. I got a 5th place finish out of 66 runners and I won 2 mbtc, damn it felt good getting that monkey off my back!

Saturday a played a handful of tournaments, I had a few near cashes but nothing. In one I was chipleader sitting at 15,000 with 16 players left and got into a raising war with the player that was 2nd in chips with 14,300 on a 5-6-7 board. After the dust settled and all the money was in the middle I had 3-4 and he showed 9-8!!!!

Luckily in between tournaments I sat at some juicy low limit nlh cash game tables and cleaned up. One hand I got it all-in with K-J of hearts vs J-10 off-suit on a J-3-4 two heart board and hit a flush. In an other hand I got it all-in with aces vs K-10 on a 10 high board and it held. Both times I doubled up equivalent to 8 tournament buy-ins, not too shabby for someone that hardly ever plays cash games. In the future I plan to find a balance between online cash games and tournaments in an attempt to expand and take my game to greater levels.

I played a few cash game sessions and tournaments on Sunday and ended losing some BTC back. I finished the week with only one final table but I increased my bankroll to 36 mbtc not too bad but surely I could of played better. I cant complain, I had a winning week and with a some more focus and little bit of luck my results without a doubt will improve.

Good luck out there.

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