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Jermain the donkey

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I suck. Well not really, Iím kind of running bad and this new super aggressive style that Iím playing is causing me to swing more wildly. Iím not going to make excuses for myself, losing has made me play like an idiot and Iíve resorted to making desperate plays at times.

Thank god for freerolls because Iím currently in 9 tournament losing streak, luckily Iíve stuck to a strict bankroll management plan and Iíve entered plenty of freerolls. Iíve lost 4 mbtc this week bringing my bankroll 31 mbtc. This is my first losing week since I made my 10 mbtc deposit after going bust a month ago. Iíve got to remain positive, poker is like climbing a mountain sometimes you have to descend for a bit in order to reach the top. There is plenty of peaks and valleys on this road we travel and what makes a pro is how you handle yourself during trying times.

When running bad and going though losing streaks go out, have fun, visit friends and family. Donít let the eventual downswings get you down, get away from poker clear your mind and remember thereís a beautiful world out there.

Good luck at the tables.

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