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Turning the corner

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Iíve always promoted playing a tight aggressive style but lately Iíve been deploying an extremely loose aggressive style. Iíve been playing position making raises and reraises with any two cards and the second I sense weakness in my opponents I usually move in on them. This style is extremely dangerous and I do not suggest playing or using it unless your very confident in youíre reading abilities. This style is very high risk, very high rewardÖ.

Iíve played 8 tournaments this week, I had two 1st place finishes, I REPEAT TWO 1ST PLACE FINISHES both in a 66 player 6max tournament format and I final tabled the Donkdown Freeroll for an 8th place finish out of 206 players. What an amazing week!!! I almost doubled my bankroll increasing it to 35 mbtc. I owe all this this success to a lil tweak Iíve discovered while talking to a friend. A non-poker playing friend of all people! I was telling my her I was struggling finishing out tournaments and that I wasnít a big winner. She said that I should go all out, that I wasnít winning so what did I have to lose? I thought she was crazy at first, but as I went home I thought to myself itís worth a shot. I had some success years ago playing a super aggressive position playing style and I canít remember having better time at the tables raising and reraising my opponents into submission.

On Wednesday I played the Donkdown freeroll my first tournament using this style and right away it showed success. I raised almost every hand in position with anything and made huge reraises when I had the best hand. Putting players constantly to the test confuses them and forces them to make big decisions for their tournament life, and usually they make the wrong move. I coasted into the money and finished 8th out of 203 players easily where last week I struggled to reach 11th place.

The very next day I jumped into a 66 player 6max tournament and practically ran over the field. I made the final table 1st in chips and only gave up the lead for two hands when we were 3 handed. I started heads up play with an 8 to 1 advantage in chips but quickly saw a portion disappear after two quick double ups and losing a couple small pots to my ballsy opponent. The final hand came with me on the button, I raised with Q-2 and my opponent called the flop came 2-5-10 and I made a continuation bet, my opponent called. The turn was a 4 putting a flush and straight draw out on the board, I bet once again and my opponent quickly called. The river was an 8 and I didnít know what to do, I tanked and bet the minimum, immediately my opponent moved all in. I thought for while and convinced myself he was bluffing. I made the call and sure enough he had J-3 for the missed straight and my duces where good!

Two days passed and I played a few tournaments but with this style you either run deep or get eliminated in a quick fiery fashion, so I was busted fairly quickly in the tournaments I played after my victory. Then yesterday happened, I woke up early and jumped into an other 66 player 6max tournament and from the get go I started running over my table! I played almost perfect poker and came into the final table with a dominating chip lead, I eliminated 5/6 of the players and easily won my heads up battle all while driving to play a live tournament at Pechanga Resort and Casino! (Donít try this at home kids!)

All I can say is donít be afraid to try different things, itís insane to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Good luck out there.

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