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Focus on the Prize

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Poker is just one long session. Make the right decision and in the long run you’ll show a profit, let the cards the fall where they may. You cant control the outcome of the cards, all you can control is how you play the cards you’re dealt. It’s a pretty simple way to live by, the hard part is retaining your focus and discipline in high pressure situations and times of great despair when all seems lost……But never give up, I fucken repeat never give up. Ever.

I didn’t have a great week money wise, I didn’t lose BTC I showed a small profit. 3 cashes and 2 final tables out 7 tournaments in fields of 42-228 players increasing my bankroll by 23% bringing my total bankroll 18 mbtc. These fields on are pretty soft and playing a tight aggressive style is slowly showing a profit, I just make sure to avoid trouble hands and never give up!!

My first cash was a 8th place finish of 66 players, it was a min cash that I would of never got if I would of gave up when I lost half my stack early but my style doesn’t consist of throwing the towel in when times get tough or extremely difficult. My second cash was in a 11th place finish in a 228 player Donkdown freeroll that I had no business cashing in. I made the top 40 and the money with 5 big blinds and slowly grinded my way to an 11th the place finish while never having more than 10bbs to play with in the whole tournament! It wasn’t a huge cash but by far one of my most patient and disciplined tournament’s I’ve ever played.

My last cash of the week was a 5th place finish out of 42 runners. I played a tight game and got extremely lucky on the bubble to get to the money. With 5 of us left I was sitting on the short stack 6,300 at 400/800 $50 ante, action was folded around to me in the small blind I have J-9 of clubs and I called. The big blind who was second in chips doubles the bet and I call leaving me with 4700, the flop comes 9-2-4 I check and he bets 2400. I pause and check raise all in, he snap calls and shows J-J. Lol I’m not perfect.

Just remember to tell yourself during hectic stages in a tournament/cash games or life in general to never give up!

Good luck out there.

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