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Live action at Pechanga

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My in town poker room closed down last November, now I’m without a home. I’ve been trying local cardrooms, but it’s hard finding that place your comfortable in. I feel like my game has been suffering due to the lack of stability but I think I’ve found a solution at Pechanga Resort and Casino. It’s right off the 15 Fwy in the beautiful city of Temecula C.A and boasts one of the biggest poker rooms in California. It’s a 40 minute drive from my home, the closest of all the nearby rooms and I best thing is I happen to work close by.

Sunday’s they run a pretty sweet tournament. It starts at 11am, it’s a $45 buy-in, 20 minute levels, $5000 starting stack and 5k guarantee. I’ve looked around for guarantees and buy-ins similar to that amount, and for that you’re going to have to drop at least $100. So yesterday I made my way down to check it out. To say the least I was very impressed.

I roll up to a giant poker room full of players, 200 phony up $45 and play starts sharply at 11am. I play my tight early level game for a while till I pick up K-K and make a raise…everyone folds. A few levels pass and I get bored so I raise in late position with 8-2 off suit lol I get called by an older man and he checks in the dark from the small blind. I lead out on the flop and turn as he checks loudly and pounds the table. Finally on the river I slow down and check behind and he shows the flopped two pair.

I lost almost half my stack after my failed bluff attempt so I tighten up till I get A-A vs. A-10 and double up. I few hands later double up again with a flush so I’m sitting pretty. So I think..about an hour passes three levels go by and I go completely card dead and my 25,000 drops down to 13,000 and on top of it my table gets broken, so I’m sitting at 13bbs and table full of monster stacks raising and reraising each other, then this hand comes up.

With the blinds at $500/$1000 $100 Ante I look down at two beautiful Queens. I take my time pause, contemplate, and explore my options… “Should I raise?” Definitely! “Should I call?” No “Should move all in?” Yes I only had 13k and I felt like applying maximum pressure would give me the best chance to win the blinds and antes. The player next to act after me tanks for a few seconds and moves in for 22k, action folds to the player on the button who quickly moves all in for 40k. The player to my left turns over A-Q and the button turns over K-K leaving me with one out. A-Q and I miss and the button takes down a massive pot, leaving me with a 45th place finish out of 200.

I was pretty much crushed by the cooler but I sucked it up and took it in stride. Overall I played a great tournament and just couldn’t go on that sick run that it takes to win one of these. 1st place paid $1,801 so you’ll definitely see me playing this event again, hopefully with different results…..Till next time I wish you all good luck and don’t get coolered!!!!
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