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Online poker vs. My bankroll

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Online poker. Once a click of a mouse away for Americans, now just a distant memory. I used to play on Pokerstars, it was fun playing in my underwear. Now with the DOJ shutting down online poker in the USA except for a few states, players have to go to other means. Enter Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

I've been playing poker for bitcoin on a website called with some success. They run a ton of freerolls, have weak fields, and they have speedy withdraws and deposits. When I first started playing a made a $50 BTC deposit and almost immediately I doubled it playing tournaments and cash games. I withdrew half and stored it in a digital wallet and continued playing. I few weeks ago I went on tilt and lost my online bankroll...

Two days ago I withdrew 10 mbtc from my digital wallet and placed it in my sealswithclubs account. I've played 6 tournaments and I've made 3 final tables. First it was a 6th place finish where I flopped 2 pair and and got it all in vs. the chipleader's top pair and he got lucky and rivered a higher 2 pair. The second was a 2nd place finish where I lost a big pot heads up with K-Q vs. A-J (very dumb) but won a nice amount of mbtc & the last one was a 4th place finish where I lost my last 10bbs with A-8 vs. K-6 but played a well balanced tournament.

Overall I increased my bankroll to 15 mbtc and I was impressed with my game. 3 final tables in fields of 18-66 players boosts my confidence. I know if I don't go on tilt continue playing a tight aggressive game in these low buy-in tournaments I'll continue showing a profit. I feel playing online definitely is helping my game and I suggest it for anyone looking to take there game to a different level.

Good luck at the tables whether in real life or online in your boxers. Oh yeah happy Green Friday.

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