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In a Zone

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Hello everyone. It's been a few months since I did any blogging and figured I would go back to a random video blog like I did in the past.

In this blog I discuss the first couple months of the year for me and go on with some other random ramblings. Other topics that come up include baseball, march madness, bitcoin, and more while showing a clip of me playing four tables of zone poker on Bovada which I originally recorded with commentary live but the audio got screwed up in that version so I re-did it afterward.




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  1. Pooh's Avatar
    You seem like a pretty cool guy and I have a couple serious questions for you. I think you are around 30. What was the last job you had and when was it? Do you ever plan on having a 'normal' career and why or why not? Have you thought about retirement? What is your net worth?

    I am genuinely interested in reading the responses. If the net worth question is too personal then please disregard.
  2. BeerAndPoker's Avatar
    I am 34 and last worked what a normal job in 2008. The last few years I worked for the man were very frustrating. I don't do well with power hungry authority whose too blind to see reality when things go wrong but instead just throws blame out at all the employees below them. That doesn't mean I wouldn't go back into the everyday work force if necessary or the opportunity was too good to pass up.

    I went to college and have a computer technician degree. When I went I originally I was looking into other majors and if I had to do things differently I would have gone straight into the business side since that is what interests me the most even though you really don't need a degree in the business field to do a lot of things in that line of work. I was a young entrepreneur a lot of my life from the golden days of ebay back in the late 90s when I was fresh out of high school to days in junior high selling candy bars or whatever to kids out of my locker. I only sold legal stuff btw.

    As for net worth that is not something I wish to disclose. I will just say I own a house that is paid for, have money in the bank, have money in stocks and mutual funds, etc... I look at poker right now as a supplement of income but before Black Friday it made up quite a bit of it. A part of me wonders why I worked a regular job up until 2008 when poker made me more money from 2005 and beyond. In my life I've worked what you could consider "normal" type of jobs with very little off time from 1996-2008. Even during college I'd estimate that I worked around 30 hours a week.

    I'm always thinking about my future and don't blow money on stupid shit that much. Just imagining the feeling of living paycheck to paycheck would tilt me to feel that broke yet everyone knows people in their lives that are in that spot without a care in the world. One thing I know is I refuse to be one of those guys that blows all their money on a few nice toys and suffers for it. If it gets to a point where I see things headed to a super rough point I would do what I have to with going back into a "normal" work force even though I'd prefer not to.

    Something people always say as a rule of thumb even though I don't live by this is that you should have a years worth of life expenses available to you if you quit a job to seek a new venture,etc... One year is way too little in my eyes especially if the opportunity you are seeking can be costly if things don't go right. All I can say is I will never let myself get close to a one year or broke type of place. I don't live an expensive lifestyle but I do treat myself to some things.

  3. Pooh's Avatar
    That's cool. You're better off than I thought you were so that's good. I feel the same way regarding authority which is why I work for myself. I won't even have employees because they don't work. Basically I own a job which is both good and bad.

    My only thing is you're entering your prime earning years and you want to take advantage of them. Take Druff for example. He's 40. Could probably be making enough money in the next ten years where he doesn't have to worry about money ever again.

    Do another show. Make it fantasy baseball.