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Closed last year our with a BANG and 2014 Goals.

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First off Happy New Year to everyone. Let 2014 be good to you all!

The last two live poker sessions I played in 2013 were very good ones and have given me the motivation (for the moment) to want to put in more time live. I've been rather lazy the past few months playing maybe once a week in Brick and Mortar games which I'd prefer to put in at least two to four sessions a week and then fill in some hours on other days playing online. Some of this is just due to flat out laziness on my part which is uncalled for. I have some minor life leaks I want to improve on in 2014 and they are as follows:

- Better sleep schedule. This can be tough having random insomnia issues that come and go but I can try to fix this by attempting to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up the same time each morning. This is easier said then done for someone like myself but I will try to do it.

- Eat a bit healthier, drink less alcohol (doh), and work out more. I've got lazy with things in general and by improving on these issues slightly while not depriving myself should help with my overall everyday attitude which can improve my poker game in a sense of being more motivated to play,etc...

- Suck it up and play more! Sometimes I just get bored of poker or when shit its the fan for a few days straight I make excuses to stop playing but I need to be like Nike and Just Do It!

- I'm not a big guy but I got about 15 to 25 beer pounds I could drop which will help me feel and look better so why not try do get rid of 'em? I've never had to diet in my life but I know a lot about why diets don't work for people and it's because they try to make massive changes all at once. Some people will completely eliminate everything they enjoy in life that they put in their bodies at once which eventually leads to failure when they give into their temptations. Some people are able to hold out longer then others and when they get back into their old ways they pack on the pounds super quickly so the key for me will be to eliminate some bad calories I put in without depriving myself of stuff I love and add a little more exercising into my life. I'm not trying to drop the 15 to 25 pounds in a week or even a month but if I could lose them in like three months or so without massive changes that would be great! I've been on the same routine for a couple years now with my weight staying about the same so some changes should get me to this goal.

- Less shot taking online. I've taken too many the past six months due to boredom or being stuck a bit which can be successful temporarily but if I continue on the path with the mentality that "yesterday I crushed this level so lets try again today" without decent roll to play it then that temporarily success leads to failure. The most important thing for any poker player is having solid bankroll management and not following that will lead to your bankroll going all over the place when their are better ways to make more consistent profits. It's not 2007 anymore when we had several options as Americans so I need to stick more strictly to the game plan. This isn't to say I won't take any shots but my intent is to take less of them.

Here's a question I ask myself and other players should too. Would you rather be someone whose a solid winning player at mid to borderline high stakes with very good bankroll management versus a talented player like Erick Lindgren or Chino Rheem with major leaks in both bankroll management and life spending issues? It's really a no brainer to me to be a consistent mid stakes winner forever in a case like this.

As for financial goals I have them for poker and other profit ventures but those are personal. The best thing I can do is stick to a proper strategy that I feel will give me the best chance to succeed and re-evaluate things every month, three months, six months,etc... I will do my best to get back on a better track for 2014 then I did the past couple of years.

Take care and for those who haven't yet check out The Variety No Sobriety Radio Show which you can find in the user show archives on here. The last show was on December 23rd, 2013.