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Baseball Prediction Podcast and Random Poker Updates

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Hello all! I figured I'd do a quick update even though it's really been an uneventful month since my last blog.

First off I recorded a podcast of my Baseball Playoff Predictions (about 15 minutes long) if anyone cares to listen to it you can here:

As far as poker goes it's been an up and down month. I've played some mtts coming close but not able to land a big score. It happens though as that is the variance that comes with playing those! I've continued to grind live poker a couple days a week and play online as well mostly HU sngs and some cash.

In poker their are several things you need to do to be successful which many people fail at one or more of them costing themselves a whole lot of time and money. I won't get into all of them but one thing is being able to keep a clear frame of mind realizing that no matter how good you play you won't be a winner in a lot of sessions and forcing action isn't normally a good idea when you are losing. What I mean by that is for example you shouldn't be playing a ton of garbage in a full ring cash game because it's all your being dealt or because you see others getting lucky with it when in general that is real spewy way of playing.

I've had a few live sessions lately where at least 90% of the players I've played with in live poker in my life would have lost a whole lot of money or went bust in a short period of time not to rebuy but if they didn't play as spewy as they did that might not happen. It can be tough getting dealt 25 to 35 hands an hour looking down at 93o, J2o,etc... every hand but I'm not one to just play it because I want to be in a hand like a lot of live players do. Some people hang around in hands too long calling bets they have horrible odds hitting which they will get lucky from time to time but will cost them a ton of money over the long run. It's important to be patient and not blow up when your at the table.

Anytime you get that feeling of "I got to get even" you should probably just cut your losses now because that type of mentality forces many players to become their own worst enemy.

One of these card dead nights I just sat back folding away coming off as the biggest nit on the planet yet when I get into a hand many players don't realize I probably have something. These type of players will pay you off regardless if you have played two hands the past hour because they either think they can bluff you out of a pot or just have something they feel is strong enough to hang around with. On a few of these nights players have even told me "man your playing like a nit" and while that is true if I'm looking at 94o every other hand it's in my best interest to fold. Many of these players would get impatient and probably find themselves seeing flops with trash even calling a 8x preflop raise with J8s because they got to be in there when in reality most of the time that is going to be a big losing play.

My advice is to just hang in there and fold away trash especially in very aggressive games, however, if your on a tighter table then you have more options to try to take away pots. You just have to understand that playing rags against aggros and passive calling stations is just going to get you in serious trouble. I've had nights where I'd play 5 hours seeing junk and missing everything where I'd be down a half buyin (100 bb stack) then have that one hour rush where I make all my money for the night yet the impatient players would have been out of the game hours ago going home a loser. It may not be the most fun style but in many games it's the winning one.

Bring your phone, ipod, or whatever else to keep you entertained when not playing hands but also be sure to pay some attention to what is going on so you can plan your course of action when you can get involved.

I will continue to grind and hope to put together bigger wins both live and online over the next few months. Let's close this year out with a bang! Best of Luck to All!

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