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Blog #4 - Poker, Discussing a "WTF" Prop Bet, and a Story of Wondering What is the Proper Etiquette for the situation I describe?

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This week I discuss a few poker topics of my week in poker. I also give my thoughts on the Melanie Weisner abusing her Lock Poker Pro privileges while dodging to comment on it and a "wtf" prop bet I heard about on twitter regarding a well known poker pro only the prop bet has nothing to do with poker.

Their is a story I tell that has happened to me a few times in my life including again Saturday that I wonder what the proper etiquette is in this spot? I also make a few baseball and preseason football comments as well.

The game of choice during the video is the new Zone Poker on Bovada which is their format of Rush or Zoom. I play the nosebleed stakes for these games aka 10NL which is the biggest stake available at the moment and did a video earlier in the week that can be found in one of the forum threads titled "Bovada launches rush poker" created by PFA user Ryland.

While I wish the Zone Poker stakes were bigger they can hold out until they fix some bugs such as a missing hole card bug where you can be dealt a hand and not be able to see your cards so your forced to fold. This obviously sucks even worse if your in one of the blinds.

NOTE: About an hour after recording this weeks blog I decided to play a couple mtts (Saturday evening) and I made a final table that had 955 entrants which I recorded. I won't say the finish and I'm not sure whether I will post that video ever or possibly might use the content in a future week(s) but we will see.

Here is the link to the streaming video for this week:

For downloading it directly to watch on your computer or ipad here is the link for that.

Be back next week!

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