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Hustler Casino Live scammer GONE WRONG. Huge losses according to Highroll Poker

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The list of Hustler Casino Live scammers has gotten longer and longer over the years but one thing is for sure, collectively they have dumped millions of dollars on stream.

There's a website called Highroll Poker that records results from all of the major livestream cash game shows like Hustler, The Lodge, Triton, etc. that I'm going to be referencing for the data.

Case Study #1: Wesley Fei (Wenzhi Fei)

Name:  Wesley.PNG
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Size:  116.1 KB

Name:  Wesley loss.PNG
Views: 1161
Size:  49.2 KB

Name:  Wesley loss 2.PNG
Views: 161
Size:  26.9 KB

He's been involved in crypto rugpulls like in the "SupremeX" shitcoin:

Name:  SupremeX shitcoin.PNG
Views: 160
Size:  122.4 KB

Basically, he pumped up a coin by hyping it up over his social medias and crypto news channels, then dumped his bags on unsuspecting victims.

He's since lost over $1.2m on livestreams according to the Hustler Casino Live results, but also has gotten allegedly extorted for money by a scammer who was claiming to have been scammed by him.

People who don't earn their money the hard way typically don't care about losing it or punting it off, and that's exactly the behavior we saw on TV.

Karma comes around to those who mess with people too much!
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