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Blackjack card counting

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Being a postal worker with a lot of stress, I channeled my anger into winning at blackjack. I felt like going postal at times during my career as a postal worker. I was a recovering hi-lo card count loser before discovering my JSTAT Count over twenty years ago. I was barred for card counting in the 90's using a count never used before. Little did the casinos know that the barring would result in the spreading of my JSTAT Count on the Internet and YouTube. The ten cards are counted as minus two and the non tens are plus one. The aces are not counted here. The aces are side counted. We are looking for more aces than normal and plus counts. An ace should appear every thirteen cards. The count is free and all questions will be answered to assist others take down the casinos. Good luck and enjoy my videos.
I also show you how to side count eights and nines while using the JSTAT Count. I use my left shoe as a foot count to side count the 8/9's while using my main count. The 8/9 side count can be used to supplement other counts such as the Hi-Lo or Simple Plus Minus Count. With more eights and nines left and a decent plus count, the dealer will bust more often and our double downs on 10/11 will improve. It becomes very simple counting cards with two methods at once after a little practice.
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