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Gambling genius John Scarne was first blackjack card counter before Ed Thorp

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I blasted the card counting community in 1996 by defending an old school gambling expert John Scarne who was torched by the blackjack community, so I defended him. The JSTAT Count is similar and defended him fighting trolls since 1996.[

John Scarne finally admitted that he had a card casing system in his book "Scarne's Complete Guide To Gambling"(1986). On page 370, Scarne explains his COUNTOWN SYSTEM. This method did not fit into computer programs and more importantly wins.

Scarne was the first counter to barred at Bugsy Siegel's Flamingo in the 40's. Subsequently, he was barred from all Las Vegas casinos. Scarne was rebuked by the casino sponsored gurus because he had the guts to reveal a valid winning blackjack method. This system is by far, the best single deck method ever devised.

In a nutshell, this system requires you to buy 20 additional chips to be used for the "countdown". Take four chips off this stack and place it next to the remaining 16 chips. The four chips represent aces while the 16 chips represent tens, jacks, queens and kings. As you go through the deck, take off the chips from these stacks as they are played. If, for example, 1/2 of a deck remains and 8 chips are left from the ten's pile and four chips remain on the aces pile. Since this situation has produced a 2-1 ratio from the normal 4-1 ratio of ten cards to aces, we will get blackjacks 9.6% of the time instead of 4.8% of the time. You will NEVER find and exploit this advantage with Stanford Wong's or Arnold Snyder's counts.

John Scarne was the ultimate insider who sought to reveal the truth of this great game. But as usual, you suckers will believe in people who can manipulate computer simulated outcomes better than they can handle cards.

John Scarne's "Countdown System" also works perfectly regarding insurance. While ALL the "recognized" experts can only offer approximations, Scarne's method will give you the EXACT percentage of the insurance bet. When the ratio of tens and aces is under 2-1, then it is favorable to take insurance. You can also do this with double- deck and beyond if you wish. In the double deck, just adjust your stacks of chips to 32 and 8, for tens and aces respectively. When over the 2-1 ratio, don't take insurance.
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