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Prison stories from Hell

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I had been at Ridgeland Correctional in Ridgeland SC only a short time before I had to become a true Gladiator-
You may ask how a young white kid in a predominately black prison would survive almost unscathed , considering the tales people hear about dropping soap or weakness being preyed upon which is all true , but the way you carry yourself determines how much respect you get.

If you don't respect yourself, You will not get any in prison where only the most cunning and strong get to the top.You will not be the leader of anyone taking dicks up the ass.

Just like in the world, prison has a heirarchy system of power- Length of incarceration, hometown, gang affiliation and other connections. If you have a dedicated network outside the walls to support an enterprise inside the walls , that brings power - That person would control the drugs, where if you were rolling weed in your car and some fell in your lap and your brushed it off on the ground- that same amount you threw out is worth $5-$10 in prison - If you are not a heavy smoker and hit just a tiny bit of weed , you get high as fuck. They get an ounce of weed in and make $1000 or more selling " sacks" - those crumbs folded in a piece of paper and then taped together like an ammo belt and then worn in their pants when they come out into the general population/yard excercise area and sell to the customers. they tear off a sack and keep moving-
This way they do not lose precious cargo in a small piece of paper when it's taped together in a chain and can be torn off to distribute in one , 2, or 5 sacks at a time-
all paid in either cash smuggled by the other inmates or by commissary items-
Soap, coffee, canned roast beef, cigarettes. whatever equals the total of the price of the weed.

Every week, new inmates arrive at the prisons across America. They get bused from the county jails to a central location and then processed by the state and then finally sent to the states choice of prison depending on custody level- Ridgeland was medium/close - A lot of it depends on the region of the state you were convicted in.

As new inmates arrive, the hustlers and schemers and watching who gets off that bus. ANY, young apprehensive , scared looking white kid or older rich looking white man is immediately set upon to become best friends.

Sometimes a person will get to prison and meet new friends and want to make themsleves seem more " harder" than what they actually are so they concoct grand schemes of how rich they wer on the street and the connections they had. Some people were rich and connected but one thing you will find out in life, stay around someone long enough and they will show you who they really are.

One instance of the hustlers befriending a guy turned out to be a serious mindfuck for me.

There are faggots in prison. Quite a few and some are out in the open. Others hide it. Some of the ones that dont hide it are the ones that can't. they are in prison with aids and have to get medication 2x a day and the pill line opens at certain times and when people see a guy going day after day and getting pills and also a know cock sucker plus he's losing weight- there are no secrets in prison.

The economy in prison is very small. a lot of people do not get money from the outside . some do- the state pays inmates per month but its like max $15
So many people hustle. they smuggle food from the cafeteria- they perform hits for money. Hand wash peoples clothes , clean their rooms- get $ in your account so the rich guy can spend double this week and he gives you $10

The hustlers befriend the new guys and as soon as they find out if there is mark here they either drop them or they leach onto them and use every drop they can until it's over-

Here comes this new white kid, I see the usual leaches grab him and for the next month they were friends and I just could not understand why considering he didnt go to the commissary and buy big groceries-

It takes about a month for your visitation to be approved- When this kid came off visit , they were waiting at the entrance ot the dorm .

as soon as he came inside , he was whisked right into the nearest room and made to strip - the gay punk with aids was made to stick his finger up this guys ass to make sure he didnt smuggle the weed he said that he was going to be bringing in . the guy lied to make himself seem cool and ended up getting an aids infested finger up his ass to make sure .

then he got his ass beat for lying.

the end
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