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I have a blog at 2p2 I started a long time ago and recently I wrote in it detailing my research into world history and politics. I want to know why this world is so messed up and I found it. What is exciting to know is that so many others have found it too and have made great content and some great memes that stir lots of questions in " normies" .
For me I have a personal issue with how the system has held sway over my life and impacted it greatly along the way. From the day I could think for myself I knew something was wrong in the world. Some of the systems in place are illogical and hardly make sense but the biggest thing that affected me more than anything was the addictiveness of cigarettes and the ease at which you could acquire them. My mom smoked all my life up until her death at 48 from lung cancer.
As a child I could not understand why my beautiful mom smoked and one day I took her pack of Dorals and squeezed all the tobacco out and replaced it with little rolls of toilet paper and then put the pack back where she left it and then watched her to go light up.
Well she went to light it and noticed it was wierd looking and then got pissed at me when she realized I had done it. I said to her " please quit ma" and her reply to me very exasperatedly " I CAN'T" - I was around 11 then and she never let up. She rolled down the road, windows up , car full of smoke when i was a kid. SO ignorant !
I wasn't home alot due to other issues with her divorce from my dad and her meeting my stepdad. I missed out on a lot of quality time with her . When I finally started to get direction in my life, she went in the hospital one morning with back pain and a week later she was dead. One day before her birthday.

When I studied who has the money , who they were in history and what they done, I see how cigarettes and the poison addiction was able to grab my mother and slowly kill her. I see other stuff too but this is the ordeal that led me to the ultimate truth. So when I go , and write about this. enlighten others. Use logic and great detail , without anything disrespectful- My blog post is deleted on 2p2 . It enrages me to no end to know who killed my mom and to know that their hand is silencing me and not allowing the searing truth to be displayed.

If my posts at 2p2 were not truth , they would not be deleted. In my personal blog, where others with blogs can write fantastical tales and stay up for eternity, but me , posting actual verifiable research gets deleted. Sounds logical. Sounds like there is nothing to hide Name:  IMG_2101.JPG
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