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So I get Paid 80% of my Salary to do Nothing

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This is as much of an update to my working situation if anything: Currently I work for a company which supplies data to the betting industry. Since Corona has struck in this country we have been put on furlough which means we can't work and my employer will claim 80% of my salary back from the government which I will be paid until this lockdown / no work situation is ongoing.

My last blog post on here was talking about how I had been fired from my previous employer, and reading back the blog I can see how angry I was at the time and must have felt the need to vent my frustration while typing that post.

It's amazing that in the period of time since writing that blog, I have managed to get 20 hour a week part time for my current employer which pays much more than my previous, and since then have gone full time 40 hours ( 4 x 10hour shifts).

As there is no more horse racing or greyhound racing content since the Corona lockdown, my company no longer has a service to provide. They have announced that furlough will extend until the end of June in the UK.

So I've basically got a month and a half with not much to do until the racing calendar starts back up.
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