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Putting in the WORK

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I cant wait for the WSOPÖ

Itís something different to play bracelet events. The sound of the giant rooms filled with poker players from all around the world and there chatter. The sound from all the chips shuffling and all cards being dealt is something that catches you off guard if your not ready for it. Plus the thought of winning millions of dollars is constantly gnawing at the back of your head pushing you to play your best or fold under the pressure.

Iím going to need luck. All kinds of luck. The once in a lifetime luck. I know that with these huge NLH fields I will need as much volume and practice leading up to the series as possible, so Iím currently at the virtual tables putting in the work. Thatís all I can do for now.

This past week I hit the tables hard kind of like back in the days. I played 10 tournaments, cashed in 3, winning 1. I started the week off right and won my first tournament I played. I late registered and started short with close to 10 big blinds. I shoved in the right spots and with a few key double upís I became chipleader with 6 players remaining. I played aggressively putting my opponents to the test and got to heads up holding a nice chiplead. I made quick work of my opponent and won 28 mbtc equal to $218 usd in todayís Bitcoin price.

That win set a tone for the next couple of tournaments I played. I was a bit overconfident and busted the next few tournaments because I was trying to outplay everyone and also ran into a couple coolers. I was trying to make too many moves when I should of just played my game. Finally I got it back together and got 3rd and a small cash in a daily tournament that I should of won but I lost a big hand 3 handed holding A-K vs K-3 all in pre flop. That totally tilted me and I shoved the next hand with J-9 when I should of waited and that same opponent woke up with A-K and busted me.

The following days I late registered a few more tournaments but I had no luck. The thing is if you dont double up right away when you late register tournaments you have zero chance to cash but finally I doubled in a $10 buy-in 892 player field and made a deep run. With 100 players remaining I was sitting pretty in 11th place with 200k in chips but I literally made the same mistake I made last week and tightened up when I should of used my big stack to bully my opponents. I waited a bit too long for my rush to come and I paid for it. I shoved my last few big blinds with J-9 and the big blind with an average chip stack called with K-9 eliminating me in 22nd for $40. Fail. 1st place was $1470.

I finshed the week up a whopping 14 mbtc equal to $109 usd. I probably spend more than that on coffee for the week but a profitable week is a profitable week no matter how much money you make. Dont let anything or anyone tell you different. The WSOP is two weeks away so make sure youíre putting in the work and getting that volume that you need and remember every penny counts.

Till next time, good luck out there.
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