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Back from the DEAD

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Iím back like Freddy Kruger or some grotesque 80ís horror villian in a lowrent splaterhouse film your mother warned you not watch or youíd get nightmares.

The virtual poker tables have never left my mind, I knew I had to return. The allure of making money doing something that Iíve always loved is just too strong. Iím rusty but the ability to win is still there and thatís what has been been driving me lately.

I expected to play 6 days this week but I could only muster 3 days of play. Honestly I love poker but the boredom of playing at an elite level is something Iím not looking forward to. Itís funny before all I could think about was grinding my ass off at the tables now I cringe at the thought. The bottom of the glass has helped me fight the monotony but at the same time it has been a double edged sword.

I had a deep run in a small stakes tournament early in the week. I finished 23 out of 232 players and I probably would of made the final table but I ran my KK and healthy chip stack against QQ all in preflop and lost. First would of been like $800.

Couple days passed and I decided to get drunk and play heads up PLO. Keep in mind Iíve gone on some runs and won 3k over a couple sessions playing PLO heads up drinking. This day was different I was hammered and lost about $400 and busted my account but I happened to buy into a small $25 tournament/sng right before and easily won it for $150. So what did I do?

Yeah you guessed it. Jump right back into that same PLO heads up game and lose $150 more to the same guy. Talk about a dumb move. I late regged two tournaments on Sunday but didnít really get anything going and busted before the money.

So my first week back was pretty shitty. I won a small tournament/sng and made a deep run but I lost my ass playing drunk PLO. Moving forward I will continue deploying a similar tournament playing style but minus the drinking and no more cash games for a while. I want to build some momentum leading up to the WSOP and drunken PLO nights (while fun) are definitely not going to help with that.

So till next week, good luck out there.
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