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4 FTs ......................... 0 wins !!

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Whats up yall ,

Today was a pretty sick day for me in mtts , I played started at noon like usual and ended up playing until like 11:30 pm , so made for a pretty long day . Even though it was long , it was long in a semi-good way .

I finally hit a little heater on the merge network and made 4 final tables today . The 1st was $5.50r 3k gurantee , I lost a flip early on at this one and couldnt recover ended up getting 7th . The 2nd was $11 1.7k guarnatee , I lost kk < qq here for absolute heaps and CL so I ended up in 9th in this one . The 3rd was the $3.30r 3k , I played well and got down to 4 handed in this one but lost 55 < AQ for the CL once again . The final one was my best shot and my biggest FT on merge so far the $22 5k freeze , I think i played pretty well but lost 88 < ak vs a shorty . Then I had this sicko hand come up.........................
NL Holdem $6,000(BB) Merge Game#51136909298

poalisewvu3 ($90,986)
KronicKill3r ($275,928)
HunreyKilla ($70,184)
nymchik ($99,365)
ManHound ($200,768)
stringbendr ($79,877)
LordofDonkTown ($366,509)
halfbked ($84,383)

poalisewvu3 antes $600
KronicKill3r antes $600
HunreyKilla antes $600
nymchik antes $600
ManHound antes $600
stringbendr antes $600
LordofDonkTown antes $600
halfbked antes $600
poalisewvu3 posts (SB) $3,000
KronicKill3r posts (BB) $6,000

Dealt to halfbked Ah Kh
HunreyKilla raises to $69,584 (AI)
fold, fold,
stringbendr raises to $79,277 (AI)
LordofDonkTown calls $79,277
halfbked raises to $83,783 (AI)
fold, fold,
LordofDonkTown calls $4,506
FLOP ($330,227) 5s Js 9h
TURN ($330,227) 5s Js 9h 3h
RIVER ($330,227) 5s Js 9h 3h 5c
HunreyKilla shows Ts Tc
(Pre 18%, Flop 16.7%, Turn 2.5%)

stringbendr shows 9d Ad
(Pre 13%, Flop 14.9%, Turn 10.0%)

LordofDonkTown shows Kc Kd
(Pre 50%, Flop 61.6%, Turn 65.0%)

halfbked shows Ah Kh
(Pre 19%, Flop 6.8%, Turn 22.5%)

LordofDonkTown wins $330,227

At least "LordofDonkTown" is a friend of mine and a really sicko player , but this was a spot that I just thought I had to gamble and go for the win ! Idk it might be pretty close , let me know what you all think ! So I ended up placing 6th in this one .

So overall it was a pretty crazy day and I am happy with my play overall . Plus there is always more donkaments tommorow !!!

MTTs = 15
+ or - = $626
BR = $3,328

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