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Election Day Casino Chips

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Casinos have hopped on the Election Day bandwagon over the years too. Not to be left out, the Four Queens had issued these two $5 limited edition chips back in 2000 during the Bush vs. Gore presidential race. They only produced 1107 of each of these chips as shown by the "LTD 1107" marking on the chips. Casinos don't usually produce these odd numbers, but from the date of the election just below this mark, you can deduce that the quantity of 1107 reflected the date of the election that November.

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(Grand Old Party $5 chip - both sides shown)

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(Democratic $5 chip - both sides shown)

When the results in Florida required further inspection, they followed up the two chips above with the one below. Again, notice he unusual production run of 1213 chips. Now, what do you suppose that indicated?

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Bush ended up winning the election with 271 electoral votes to Gore's 266 after the Supreme Court awarded Florida's votes to Bush.