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Knocking off the RUST

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A little bit more than 2 weeks have passed since my last post and truthful I haven’t been looking forward to writing because I haven’t found much time to actually sit down and play! I’ve played 9 online tournaments and cashed in zero for – 560 mbtc but two of them were bubble finishes, so it’s not as bad as it seems. I blame most of my failure on rust and the lack of volume needed to fade the variance that comes along with playing tournament poker. But I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, mental mistakes and lack of preparation have also lead to these few bad weeks. I preferred to catch up on missed TV shows and socialize with friends instead of working on my game and putting in the hours at the table to improve my game and my results definitely show that.

Not all is bad though! I successfully backed a great tournament player that was going through some tough times and as a reward that player won the biggest weekly tournament on Nitrogen Sports and my cut received was a little bit more than 200 mbtc! I also played two live freeroll tournaments at Lake Elsinore Casino. Both were $1500 guaranteed prize pools and capped at 100 players with hyper-turbo structures. I got lucky and had a deep run in the first to finish 25th and made the final table in the second one. Yes I was extremely short stacked as was everyone else but I refused the $165 chop and opted to play out the final table to everyone’s dismay. Sadly lady luck wasn’t on my side and I busted in 7th for $90. I play to win and a couple hundred dollars isn’t going to change my life good or bad, but a live tournament victory is hard to come by and will greatly increase my confidence level even though it was just a local donkament lol.

Finally a played two live cash game sessions, both 4-8 kill limit Omaha high-low. The first session was uneventful and I lost $150 barely winning a few hands and losing $100 just on one hand when my top set was chased down by the nut flush. The second session was the complete opposite, I crushed from the get go. I played aggressively and was hit by the deck, I stuck around and played my rush and I walked out with a little more than $300 only getting up after two tough players took the player’s seats I had just put a thorough beating on.

Overall I had I couple crappy weeks online mixed in with moments of success but the good thing is I found my long lost passion for the “live” game and I’m definitely going to pick up the volume and study time to continue improving on my overall poker game!!

Sorry for the late post and I’ll definitely be back in two weeks with my next update, so till then....Good luck out there.
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