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Back into the RING

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Way too much time has passed without putting out a quality blog post, but honestly I've been dealing with a huge break up, so I decided to take a little bit of time for myself to relax and get my mind right. Prior to this time away, I was consistently beating the biggest Bitcoin NLHE tournaments on SWC. Just a year ago, I was playing mostly freerolls and grinding the 5 mbtc level but once the original Seals with Clubs went down, I took my game to Nitrogen Sports and ran my measly 200 chip BTC bankroll into over 5000 chips!

I owe my low-limit success to hard work. I've identified deficiencies in my game and found podcasts, training videos, and articles online to plug those leaks and turn the tables on my opponents. Bankroll management is also key, fuck what anyone says skill don't mean shit if you can't hold on to your money. I take pride in watching my bankroll swell and make it my number one priority to work on my game at all times to stay sharp, so I can continue moving up the stakes and eventually play poker full time. Being consistent is also key, luckily grinding the low limits is easy, playing ABC poker with the occasional variation play shows huge profits at these limits.

The problem is I work full-time, 40 hours a week and I commute, so grinding those 2-5 hours nightly add up. When fatigue sets in as it has lately I take these breaks where I do everything that makes me happy, I visit family, I travel, I rest, I golf, I joined a softball league, I generally enjoy life and get my mind away from poker. These prolonged breaks feed my hunger for escape from the monotony of the full time job and the countless hours of poker played on computer screens.

But the time is now. I feel the fire burning inside of me and I must return to the tables. I plan to be the biggest tournament winner on SWC and continue to improve on my mixed games, all while protecting my bankroll. I plan to post a weekly to bi-weekly blog so stay tuned.

So till next time, good luck out there.

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