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The Messenger Always Gets Shot

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The Messenger Always Gets Shot

When talking about controversial topics amongst a group that conforms to popular consensus, it would be a smart decision to go with the grain; unless you don't mind causing a stir and the consequent knee-jerk 'ad-hom' reactions that usually come with such territory. It reminds me of the old Japanese proverb:

"The nail that sticks out gets hammered down"

We live in a world where it's considered taboo to touch on certain subjects as that would be rocking the ship - so to speak.

As long as you keep shtum, behave yourself, crack the odd joke, and speak when spoken to; everything will be fine as you can expect a low-variance albeit slightly uneventful ride of things. If 'on the other hand' you decide to question established norms and beliefs, well, this is when the backlash occurs because it's human nature to defend their belief system that they've built up over many years - even if it is in blind faith and goes against all logic that's presented to them.

So with that said I'd like to write about another uncomfortable subject; and if anyone thought that I was crazy before, then I'm sure it will be as good as confirmed in their mind after they read the rest of this blog. But first, here's a good quote from Dave Chapelle that might make you reconsider being so judgemental in future:

“The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It's dismissive. "I don't understand this person. So they're crazy." That's bullshit. These people are not crazy. They strong people. Maybe their environment is a little sick.”

Flat Earth Theory

The above picture is the logo used by the United Nations, it was created in 1956.

It's basically identical to the map of the flat Earth:

So the obvious question is this: why do an established International organization such as the UN have a logo that depicts the world as being flat, as opposed to being a globe?

One of the bizarre things about the US military and their involvement in exploring Antarctica, is that they had previously conducted many missions in the south pole region which were lead by Admiral Richard Byrd. He was known to be one of the greatest explorers of all time and he did a rare television interview where he talked about the Antarctic region and how it was a vast and unexplored region that was rich in resources such as coal and oil. He also stated that he expected Man (Government/Military) from several different nations to carry out further exploration there every year until it was no longer a mystery. Strangely enough however, not long after he made the TV appearance they put a stop to anyone going past a certain point and cordoned it off like Area 51; since then no more missions have taken place toward the South Pole. Here's the TV interview with Admiral Byrd.

The theory is that while exploring the Southern region they got to the edge and found the 'firmament', which is the boundary wall that was widely believed by all five major religions in previous centuries.

The movie 'The Truman Show' at the end where he sails through the storm and hits the boundary is the perfect metaphor for the Antarctic firmament theory:

For all this to be true it has to be presumed that NASA' pictures of Earth, Satellites, the ISS, and everything related to space is a gigantic hoax. Without going into NASA and their stunts too much, what I can say for certain is that all of their pictures that depict Earth as a globe are composites that were created using a computer; including this one that was meant to have been taken in one of the Apollo missions and is used in children's science text books around the world.

There are many other strong arguments against the world being a great ball. for example: if you have a good view of a wide stretch of land like Manhattan, there is no curvature across as many miles as you can see; you could be looking at a long stretch of coastal line and it will always be FLAT. If you look at a boat sailing off directly ahead of you into the distance, it gets smaller and smaller; but it the angle perspective doesn't change, nor does it disappear which would be the case if there was a curve. Another thing that is rather baffling: when you are airborne in a plane and are thousands of feet above ground, if the Earth below you was a globe then the landscape would be beyond your line of sight when looking out of the window.

These are just some of the interesting things that make you wonder, is everything we've been told via mainstream science a massive lie?

You decide.
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