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Sunday Funday !

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Whats up yall ,

Today was an interesting sunday , it started off rather shitty and I was just getting crushed early on in every tournament . Sundays are always long though and its about the end of the day and getting the volume in vs all these idiots that show up on sundays .

I took some shots and spent more on buyins today than I usually do on a normal day . I played about 22 mtts today wit about 15$ avg buyin . Ended up being in for around $300 total .

The bigger tourneys , I did build some stacks including getting up to 49k in maximus 23 the $33 freezout . I couldnt however win the big allins and lost a couple flips back to back and ended up cashing somewhere around 150th.

I did however make a run in the 11$ 2.5k on merge and was able to make the FT 3 of 9 . I ran pretty good at the FT and held AJ vs shorties a9 , and coolered another reg bvb with jj vs his 10s . I think I played really well and made it to HU with about even chips . My opponent played pretty bad HU and I was able to raise about every button and didnt many 3bets, wich allowed me to take an early chiplead . I wittled him down in smaller pots to where i had about a 3 to 1 lead and then raised button wit ajs and he shipped in kq , I was able to hold and get my first W on merge for $656.

Obviously this wasnt a huge day profit wise for me , but overall I ended up making a decent profit and I believed I played really well throughout the day . Im looking forward to the grind tommorow

MTTs = 22
+ or - = +$403
$BR= $2599

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