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Can the Ray Rice Poker Hand Win?

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Watch and find out:

Someone told me this joke playing live poker a little while back when he won with the Q2. He said he loves winning with the Ray Rice hand. Someone at the table replied: "Ray Rice hand?" and he said "Yeah, Q2 is the Ray Rice hand and then yelled "DUCK BITCH!". The way he told it was hilarious and I won a hand with it online so I figured I'd tell anyone who never heard of the hand in this type of manner.

Anyways, a new year is here. I've played one live session and booked a small win which I intend to start playing more live soon. I have been playing online a bunch and doing fairly decent most days but the past few not so great. Oh well, things will turn around I'm sure. My plan is to stay motivated and focused this year when it comes to playing and other various things in life as well.

I hope everyone has a great 2015.


  1. matos's Avatar
    good one lol