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Mandatory Work Activity Scheme Part 2

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Yesterday as I was lying in bed asleep some time around afternoon I received a couple of missed calls, as the phone rang each time I just lay there thinking to myself "fuck off world, I don't want any" - I thought it may have been the job centre telling me about my work placement - so I proceeded to ignore and roll over back to sleep. When I fully woke up and went downstairs I found a letter from the job centre detailing the dreaded work placement. I had previously thought that they were going to try and make me work at some charity shop/organization, but to me surprise they had something else in stall for me, it turns out they placed me at a waste recycling tip which is about an hour and a half commute each way. Being a wasteman was never the plan, this couldn't possibly end well.

After munching down a banana, I swiftly rolled a little joint and smoked that in the garden as I pondered what to do, where my life was heading, and so on. Then I remember about the missed calls, so I decide to call back and see who it was, it was in fact an agency that were ringing to let me know about a job vacancy at Tesco supermarket (I don't remember applying for this job or signing up to an agency). It's 8pm- midnight every night of the week bar Wednesday, working in the clothing department. I would have snap accepted but the only problem was that it's 7 miles away and there's no transport link at midnight, so I asked the agency woman to hold while I try to arrange transport. After persuading my mother to put me on her car insurance I rang back and arranged to come and register today at the branch. My last car was a nice little Seat Arosa automatic but I had to sell it a year ago when poker went south, now I will drive an old manual kia saloon but I can't complain as it beats a kick in the dick.

Working for 7/hour isn't amazing, but it's certainly a great deal better than 2.40/hour which is what I would have been on at the waste tip. All in all, I'd say it was good timing and a good result considering my grim situation. Onwards and upwards from here.

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  1. Benford's Avatar
    Life's a struggle out there, no doubt, but you're showing lots of courage to take on the big, scary world out there since poker went by the wayside. Keep posting and all the best, man! Hope you can put it all together.