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Ireland Trip Report

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I'm in Ireland visiting family for the week, and as I won a ticket for a 200 tournament at the Dublin poker festival I figured the trip would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Well, I've had great 'craic' with the family so that's half the mission complete but I busted the poker comp on Saturday and went back to the festival last night to play some side games and cash only to continue running like dog shit and lose a few hundred euro.
I'm having a torrid time with live poker as I haven't cashed for approximately the last 30 tournaments. I keep telling myself that I can't possibly keep bricking these bowl comps, but when the cards go against you there's not much you can do other than sigh and accept the life shafting that the poker gods are subjecting you to. Last night I played a 60 turbo and was playing really well, but then I wake up with AKo in the sb and face a ~2.75x open from an active Swede in MP. So I make it like 8bb and he calls. Flop is Q T 8 rainbow and he has just over 5k behind while there was about 7.7k in the pot so I shove as I'm not x/folding with so much out there and I can get him to fold middle pocket pairs etc. But he has KQo and I don't improve which leaves my short and I bust a few hands later shoving 4bb w/T7o.
I then head over to a cash table and buy in short for 150 at 1/2 and these idiots are straddling the button for 5. After 20 mins I get 99 and make it 15 from early over the straddle and some spewy French fish goes all in for 60, I snap and he has Q4s but hits flush otr. I feel tilt coming on and shove my remaining 80 quid in the next hand w 88 but run into jj and qq. So I go to the bar and get my third pint of Hoegaarden and wait around for the 50 rebuy satty to the 560 deepstack main that started today. Long story short, I lose another 100 playing the sat as my table was full of retards who never folded pre regardless of bet size. I 3-bet ship AKo for about 30bb and get called by QJ and QT. I make some remark about the standard of play and forget my scarf as I leave the poker room. In fairness I was bordering on drunk by that point and am beyond tilted with live poker in general as this shit has been going on for a year or so.

I'm going to an engagement party on Saturday and am gonna get twisted and hopefully get chatting to some women there.
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