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Grinding my face OFF

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Call a doctor my face has literally fallen off!! Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but in all sincerity, I’ve played 30+ online tournaments in three weeks and have been extremely successful. First things first I placed 16th in the prestigious DREXEL 1ST ANNUAL 1,000 INVITATIONAL FREEROLL! I was 2nd in chips with 30 players left until Druff was moved to my table. He proceeded to bust a "Greycat" on me and sent me on a downward spiral I couldn't recover from. Other than that I’ve made 10 final tables a 6th, 5th, 2x 4th, 3rd, 3x 2nd (including a chop) and 2x 1st places!! I won 69 buy-ins more than doubling my online bankroll, bringing it to 128 tournament buy-ins. I’ve had most of my success in 6max tournament format, I chopped a 5 chip 6max tournament heads up on a Saturday and won it outright the next day!!

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I also played 2 “live” tournaments during these 3 weeks, and had no success. I headed down to Morongo Casino and tried my luck at one of there daily $45 morning tournaments and proceeded to get my flush chased down by 2 early position players trips when the board paired on the river. I rebought for $20 and played tight for about an hour, then I finally shoved my last 11bb’s with A4 in the big blind and got called by AJ and I was out. I also played the Sunday 5k guarantee at Pechanga and played super aggressively. I raised and reraised every chance I got and built a loose, crazy image. I shoved all-in preflop with AA and got called by a bigger stack’s QQ, I was looking and feeling good till the queen came on the the flop and I was out!

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I did play one $1/$2 nlhe live cash game session at Pechanga and had great success winning $254 =127 big blinds!! My first hour was boring and uneventful, it consisted of 1 or 2 won small pots and lots of folding! I took a break and came back to the table to find a few new faces and also the table dynamics had totally changed. I started catching cards and made the nut flush on the river to crack a set of kings and I also won a nice pot with quad 3’s. I owe my low limit cash game success to being patient. Waiting out the fishes is one of the major characteristics that all winning poker players possess, the kids call it “old man game”.

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Overall I had some had some decent success, nothing to quit my job over but I feel like I’m setting a strong foundation. This path I look to journey down is full of pitfalls and obstacles and all this experience that I’m gaining by “grinding my face off ” will do nothing but bring me one step closer to that BIG score that we all chase.

Good luck out there

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  1. Sanlmar's Avatar
    SWC grinder, eh?

    Tell us what the site is like - whats the feel?

    Playing strictly tournies?

    good read - good luck
  2. jacosta24's Avatar
    SWC is by far the best BTC poker site, the software is crisp and clean and they have an android app so you can pretty much play anywhere on the go. I mostly play 6max tournaments, my style fits perfectly with the short hand play but I play others also because there's plenty of fish on that site. When I play live I play 1\2 nlhe or tournaments from $250 to $50 in local casinos in southern California.

    Thanks for the read and good luck!
    Updated 12-06-2014 at 02:53 PM by jacosta24
  3. YUUP's Avatar
    Keep grinding and blogging, good stuff jacosta, your heading in the right direction.