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Mandatory Work Activity Scheme

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So I've been claiming job seekers benefits on and off for the past year while I've been looking for employment, only to find out yesterday when I went to the job centre that they've decided to put me on this mandatory work scheme. They say that I will have to work 30 hours a week for a month doing community service (working for charities or possibly manual labour on yards) and if I don't comply then they will cut me off the job seeker benefits. Baring in mind that I get 72 a week in benefits, so the 30 hours slave labour scheme works out that you get paid about 2.40/hour and there's little to no chance of getting a job at the end of it from what I read online from others who have participated because these affiliated charity organizations only hire managers and are getting free labour from job seeker claimants who are put onto the scheme and using them as a conveyor belt for their bottom tier workforce.

I used to play poker for a living because I fall into the category of anti-authoritarian/anti-establishment and struggle to mix with the mainstream crowds. After making a living on stars for a few years I finally gave up that pipe dream toward the end of last year and started to seriously look at making steps toward the real world (scary). If poker wasn't such a depressing, generally unhealthy game and also so difficult to win at these days then I'd consider trying to grind it out just to avoid being a corporate wage slave, but without a proper bankroll it's too hard to make a living online and live cash would only be feasible if I were to live within closer proximity to casinos and have the mental capacity to grind it out with the live tards.


  1. jacosta24's Avatar
    Keep ur eyes and ears open, life is a grind brother
  2. Sanlmar's Avatar
    Keep blogging. Love the idioms of your country

    cheers mate