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Welcome BACK

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I'm back!!! Sorry for the wait, I've just been distracted by life. Exhaustion, work, and a crappy social life has been taking up most of my time. I've been very distracted and my game has definitely suffered. I lost 80% of my online bankroll by taking shots in bigger games and playing when not feeling 100%. I totally tilted and strayed away from my profitable hyperaggressive style.

The huge swings in the higher buy- in tournaments caught up to me and ate my bankroll up, but I did have some nice results. I won a 5 chip 6max tournament for my biggest bitcoin cash and multiple other small cashes but nothing like I know I can accomplish.

I currently have 20 buy-ins in my online account and I plan to follow a strict bankroll management plan and return to the profitable path I was following before I lost my focus. One highlight is my cash game skill has improved drastically, a tight aggressive ABC style shows consistent profit in the lower limit games because the players are extremely weak and will call you down with anything so don't bluff!!*

My live game has improved drastically both in tournaments and cash games but only the cash sessions have shown profit. I've had some deep runs in 300+ player tournament fields at Pechanga Casino and a 15th place finish event 5 at the HPT at Agua Caliente casino, but bad luck and bad reads derailed any cashes or final tables.

Lately I have been profitable playing 1/2 NLHE cash games. A super tight patient aggressive game is totally the right approach for these levels and it shows. I'm currently on a 6 game winning streak with a little over $400+ won!

So my time away has been a little up and down. I understand now that to be a professional you have to be a professional away from the tables.You can't let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams. Focus is easily lost if you allow distractions into your life.

Good luck out there.