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son of lockman


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Whereas I have previously said I wouldn't post this is a blog.

Open music, read and listen

4000 miles from the U.S. coast a terrible plauge rampages the jungle. And now infests the streets of America with a certain death not seen since the middle ages.

And yes Todd, Obama is to blame for his short sighted thinking in containment at first. Now it has gone to far and cannot be stopped.

Case in point. With a 21 day incubation period the disease has and now with 4000 people dead by Pearl Harbor day 8000 people will be dead according to the CDC own figures. This CDC who do you really believe is telling you the truth? Double that every 3 week weeks over a year and you have close to a billion people dead. So you tell me are they going to have a vacine within a year? And are you going to take it? I doubt you will. Don't know if I will.

So let's carry on with this discussion until they do develope a vacine and they if we decide to take it.

A nuclear first strike upon Western Africa is the only way to buy us the time we need to develope the vacine. Harsh it may sound if the rest of the world wants to survive that must happen. Might a s well do it as we have the bombs to do it with and they're worthless unless we drop them on someone.

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Now I know you're going to call me a bigot or crazy for suggesting this. But I can gaurantee you one thing. Every day that the death toll mounts you will come closer in accordance with me in my opinion.


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