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2014 isnít turning out to be so great, 6 months in and Iím already down $883! My online game has really taken off, but my live game has taken a nose dive. Not having a casino close to my house running cash games and tournaments, isn't allowing me to put in the heavy volume, that I feel you need to succeed at poker. Bad luck and bad play is also a cause of the problem, I estimate Iíve thrown away $515 due to bad play. Iíve played 13 live tournaments and only cashed in 1, and Iíve played 3 cash game sessions winning 2 for a small amount, so itís not really bad luck itís amateur play.

Last year I lost a little over $100 playing a somewhat of a busy live low limit schedule, this year Iíve played significantly less but traveling and different stresses havenít allowed me to get comfortable in the new rooms Iím playing in. I need to strongly consider getting professional coaching to help me improve my game, and take it to the next level, but my ego, plus money makes it hard to ask for help. This year Iíve also upíed my tournament buy-ins, I traveled to Commerce Casino to play the Million guaranteed tournament at the LAPC for $150 (I finished 50 out of the money) the player that busted me went on the finish 3rd for 40k! I also played a couple $100 buy-in tournaments in surrounding Palm Springs casinos and Morongo Casino, but I was unsuccessful in cashing in any. Those tournaments had some huge fields so I know variance also comes into play.

Playing the World Series has been my dream since I first got into poker, and this year I actually got a chance to go. I failed to qualify for the $1500 event that I really wanted to enter while playing on, but I got a chance to play a $235 buy-in Rio deepstack event. My luck didnít fair to well, and I misplayed Aces after the first break, and went busto vs A-5. Iíll use it as a learning experience. I also played a couple other very small tournaments at surrounding casino's to see if my luck would change, but free booze and bad play followed me everywhere I went.

Iíve decided to pull out $500 of my savings and dedicate myself to building it up, playing $10-$50 tournaments twice a week, and grinding at least 2 cash game sessions a month. I will only play 1/2 nlhe at Pechanga before or after there $50 tournament, and 2-4 limit at Morongo before there $10 Sunday tournament. I plan on playing 100 hand cash game sessions or 2 hours max, and leaving if I lose my buy-in or if I double my money. I will also follow a bankroll plan and move up the limits accordingly. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

Hopefully I stop playing like an idiot and my plan works and my luck turns around. Till next time good luck out there.